matchstick marijuana was founded for one reason - to seek out and celebrate the best cannabis in the world

with over 25 years of experience as both a patient and a recreational user, cobb keen is an advocate for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and an aficionado when it comes to recreational consumption

matchstick humbly began this journey on July 1, 2017 from vancouver, canada and continues the quest for the best to this day

thank you for joining matchstick marijuana on this journey

matchstick marijuana employs a strict vetting process for all partnerships and people we advocate for


we do not accept unsolicited donations or complimentary product from unknown sources

all of the cannabis we celebrate comes from clean growers with altruistic intentions


this means you can trust the reviews and opinions expressed by matchstick marijuana to be unbiased and authentic



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not to get high on our own supply, but matchstick marijuana boasts an extensive network of cannabis influencers and community disruptors across the globe

we believe in a "community first" approach that puts patients over profit and people over proceeds

matchstick is part of a global community trying to preserve, protect, and position our dialogue in the emerging shift towards a post-prohibition world

"you call this marketing. i call this hustling."

   :: cobb keen